Editor - Ian Vorster Photography

Canopy Magazine

It was my privilege to found, design, and serve as editor for the Woods Hole Research Center's Canopy magazine. Originally launched as a quarterly publication with the mission to communicate the benefits of climate change science to society, this ethos has unfortunately not been maintained, and the current version is nowhere near the original.

Voices for Biodiversity

I served as managing editor for the online Voices for Biodiversity magazine, an award-winning publication that explores the connections between humans and the global ecosystem. Many of the writers and photographers who pitched ideas to the magazine were amateurs with a passion for the environment, while some were either researchers or activists. 

Case for Support

As editor, I led a consulting firm, development professionals, and 14 principal investigators to produce Mapping the Way to a Sustainable Future for the Woods Hole Research Center (WHRC). The document has been the most effective WHRC publication produced for communicating to a lay audience the societal benefits of what the Center does. 

Virginia Sea Grant

After commissioning a complete redesign of the Virginia Sea Grant website to accommodate rich storytelling, I began to shift the focus from standard content production to more robust science writing. To support this I recruited regular cohorts of interns, launched a new long-form digital storytelling position, and contributed myself, as I shifted to reporting on the marine and coastal research of graduate fellows. 

Terra Magazine

I took over the helm of Oregon State University's flagship research magazine, Terra, from the venerable former editor. We tell stories of the application of OSU science to the big issues of the nation and the world by building narratives that frame the challenges and potential solutions. As usual, there are so many remarkable stories to tell of the benefits of scientific research with so little space and word count to tell them. 

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