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An award-winning photographer, I love creating images that communicate the essence of a person, place or pursuit, images that resonate with viewers, connecting them to the subject. My photos and written articles have appeared in magazines, coffee table books, text books, guide books, and coporate reports and calendars in the USA, UK, Canada and South Africa. I love travel, engage easily with people - be they scientist or student, and I work on location within the required time and budget.

I have experience in science communications and adventure travel, and I worked my way into professional photography 15 years ago. A few years spent as a newspaper photojournalist rounded off the progression. I have an MS in Environmental Communications, and enjoy intimate knowledge of the many subjects I photograph. Actively involved in conservation, citizen science and restoration efforts over the last twenty years, I have logged more than 400 days leading groups on educational adventures and have been certified as a river guide, cycle coach, adventure, and natural history guide.

Whether hanging onto a camera while paddling a kayak, documenting bee colony collapse, or capturing the signature elements of your operation, each day is a quest for the evocative.  

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